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Free Amazon Prime Subscription for Airtel Postpaid users

Free Amazon Prime: Recently Airtel announced the partnership with Amazon. After Jio launched their mind melding plans, every other network panicked. I’ve been with airtel for 5 years. Preciously i was on prepaid plan. After an year of usage i’ve switched to post paid. rental is high but recharging now and then was PITA. you pay the bill once a month and peace of mind.  No promo calls, recharge remainders calls, no rate cutters or etc etc.

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Elon Musk releases almost assembled Falcon Heavy Images

On 11th April 2011 Elon musk announced plans for Falcon Heavy, A heavy duty rocket with 3 stages rocket with 3 Falcons 9s as the first stage and with complete reusability. First test was expected in 2013 but to achieve the complete reusability, First SpaceX should perfect Falcon 9s reusability. As of today SpaceX did a tremendous job at doing that. On 15th December 2017, SpaceX Launched, recovered first stage of Falcon 9 and recovered Dragon Spacecraft on CRS-13 Mission to send cargo to International Space Station (ISS). It is now clear that SpaceX perfected the First Stage Recovery and on twitter Elon Musk said putting 3 Facon 9s together is harder than expected.

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Installing OpenSSH on Windows 10

So, First thing i do after i’ve installed windows or i got hands on with any windows device is installing Putty. My entire work revolves around the remote administration and troubleshooting. Connecting to those remote servers via SSH is integral part of my work. I occasionally use Mac OS(Previously OS X) and I feel jealous as they don’t any 3rd part tool or software to use SSH. I don’t use any Linux variants on any of Work or Personal computers. So, When i found out that Microsoft is Integrating OpenSSH directly into windows i was exited and I’ve installed it as soon i got the chance.

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I tried to Cook Chicken Lollipops!

Cook Chicken Lollipops

I think myself as a good cook. It doesn’t mean everybody likes my food. I like to eat what I cook and sometimes I fuck up whole process, but sometimes they taste way better. If my food tastes good, my friends say they are good. If it is ok or less,  they destroy me. Forgot to tell you, I live pasta man, but every time I cook it, it is 20:80 chances of success failure. But if it is spaghetti aglio olio then my chances are 50:50. I like my odds. So, I go for it. Finally Decided to Cook Chicken lollipops.

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Elon Musk Simulation Theory: Are we really in a Simulation?

Simulation: Recent Total Solar eclipse in The USA, is really eye feasting (Without protection, they will evaporate). The main reason we observe eclipse like this is Moon diameter is 400 times smaller than our Sun and 400 further away from from sun. Today, I was going through realm of The internet, I’ve stumbled upon the info that Jupiter’s second largest moon Callisto (It has 69 of them) is 179.3x times smaller in diameter than the sun and 179 times farther away.
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Outrage: India’s handling of Rohingya Refugee Crysis

Outrage: Call yourself Nationalist, patriot and whatever you wish for but what Indians doing to the Rohingya refugees is anti-national. What happened to the Atithi Devo Bhava. Using Pepper Spray to shatter Refugees. This is utter most disturbing thing i’ve ever heard. And calling them Jihadis is not morally, mentally or logically correct. if you are thinking, we should not allow these helpless people into over country then there isn’t much difference between you and alt-right. This is pure evil and utterly resist. And Blaming the people who help these helpless people and calling them as terrorist organisation is Bull Shit and you should just shut the Fuck up.

Linking Medical bills and Aadhaar card?

Been scrolling through Facebook, instagram and a lot of my school mates and people from my home town are posting things like, “if linking PAN and Aadhaar card is mandatory then linking Aadhaar with medical bills also should be mandatory”. After couple of days College batchmates started posting same shit. Are you guys out of your minds?

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How to install Gitlab-CE on Google Cloud VM Instances

Behind story for opting for Gitlab-ce may be you don’t want to host you repos on GitHub, Bitbucket  or Gitlab.com as they are hosted on public and even though they have private repos but you may not comfortable or your boss doesn’t want to host them on there (If you are the boss then don’t mind me). So, whatever the reason may be you are installing gitlab-ce on google cloud VM instances. So, First go ahead and login into google Cloud console. and create project. If its asks to select project instead of taking you to project page go ahead select the project.


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How to Backup CP1H PLC

Last time we’ve discussed about How to backup NJ controller from Sysmac Studio, Now we gonna learn how to backup CP series PLC or Controller. Motive for backup may be different, like to clone the controller and get the complete backup to save for the future use. You may wonder i’ve already saved the program file witch is cxp extension, why do i need to backup the controller, i can simply download it to new controller for using that program. But you are wrong. If you have only program file and download it to new controller, you may end up with unusable controller. Reason is program only stores ladder logic. But controller or PLC has another ton of data like variables, memory, comments, communication data settings etc etc. So, How to backup CP1H PLC ?

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How to backup NJ Controller from Sysmac Studio

You may want backup NJ controller data for many reasons. May for fail safe, to restore it into similar machine, for redundant control or to hot swap the controller in case the failure of the controller. Whatever the case a lot of time we backup the controller. Most of the times i get the question “how to backup entire controller to make identical clone or to save the data?” and the answer is pretty straight forward.

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